Project Expert

-Commercial Projects-
Candemir’s has been team of experts in commercial projects, who hit the road to serve contractors, designers and architects as well as their commercial clients.
As Columns, coatings, wall coverings, flooring, countertops, washbasins, column mosaic jambs, etc. requested in the project are made on a turnkey basis and application works


If you need a final product such as sinks, countertops, basins, mosaics, cut-to-size materials, coffee tables, tables, fireplaces, mausoleums, we provide you with rich stone types.
You can contact our experts for your order requests and detailed product information.

Stone Supply

All selected stones in Turkey are supplied in a controlled manner.
Cutting and polishing processes are carried out in factories that are experts in their fields and have high technology.
Quality control is done for you by our experts.
We work as your solution partner in stone supply.

Our Works

We leverage our know-how to make your design vision a reality.